Sunday, 13 February 2011

From Yin to Yang

Living Room
Our living room, once a fairly 'yin' nook has now become a cosy and colourful 'yang' space.  I painted this canvas inspired by our new red rug.  The other wall above the other sofa needs another painting of mine for balance.... back to the easel I go!

I am searching for some new lamps and maybe a standard lamp to read by and will be re-staining the old coffee table as soon as I can muster some of that kind of painting energy.  Then onto the sunroom!


  1. a cheerful and inviting living room. How wonderful your talent and colorful image now perks up the room, making it glow.

  2. I like that color splash on the wall. anything you do would brighten any space!!! All so cheery.

  3. Looking wonderful Patti, love that painting.

  4. Thank you for the peek into your beautiful, colourful and cozy-looking home. I love getting to see into others' homes! Oh, and the painting is perfect there.


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