Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Holidays are over and I've reined myself in - back to mostly vegetarian foods, plenty of protein, dropping as much sugar as possible and drinking lots of water.  Snacks like carrots with homemade hummous or berries with natural yoghurt are delicious!  Saturday is treat day and I'm allowed to eat whatever I like and maybe have a glass of wine as well.  I find this is a good balance.

I'm back to morning walks along the waterfront, then along my favorite street - Florence Street, around the block and back to sit for a while under the trees.  Today was just perfect out there - a lovely high tide, magpies chortling, seagulls swooping and boats bobbing in the water... making the most of it!


  1. sounds a beautiful place. i would love being able to stroll down the to water. i too am trying to be more vegetarian and do the same things: drink more water, get more protein. Sometimes it is hard but in the end I know this will be good for my body. Be well, Suki PS just saw a neat Netflix DVD rain something about two female vets in southern Australia.

  2. How gorgeous ! And your self-care is beautifully inspiring, Patti. Lunch looks delicious.
    I will be doing most of my moving indoors for the next two months or so - we are expecting 20 inches of snow in the next two days. I know you have no concept of what this is like but believe me, it makes dancing in the livingroom much more appealing than a walk !
    Enjoy the strolls...

  3. It must be summer where you are!
    So pretty...your food looks delish!
    I am trying to rein back but keep cheating myself. Bad bad me.
    Okay, I'm off to my treadmill. Had not even thought of it yet today, as I was busy sewing...but now...I can, I will. I hope there is a good movie to watch to keep me entertained.
    Enjoy your Friday!

  4. We are also trying to get back to healthy eating. Today I am making black bean soup. One treat day per week is a very good idea, in my experience. It helps you keep to the healthful stuff the other 6 days, don't you find?


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