Thursday, 31 March 2011


I've been.....

Drinking coffee out of my new mugs, found at the Salvation Army Op Shop.  I love the orangeyness of them...

Wearing my new red work shoes. Sensible, yet stylish!  :)

Walking Jess the border collie down at my favourite waterfront spot.  Always beautiful...

Planning my next art journaling class...

And... Birdwatching on my back fence...


  1. Patti, I can hardly believe those birds are real--I have never seen anything like that before. Rainbow birds! Honestly, to us in the U.S. they look fake!! So colorful.

    I love your retro cup and shoes. And the "moku" (lizrard) as we call it in Hawaii!

    I cannot believe those birds...and the peacefulness outside your villa. xoO

  2. Those birds are unreal to me!!! art in motion!
    Cute shoes!!! Happy journaling!

  3. amazing birds right out your window. cut Dorothy shoes. sounds like you have it all together!

  4. Patti,
    I love the orangyness of your new mugs, too. And I have some shoes not too unlike those!

  5. Are those birds real? and wild? Can you really see those out your window?
    Love the mugs and shoes - very cute and stylish. My 11 year old thinks I dress like a "Granny" - she is always wanting to up my cute and hip factor. I'm afraid it is a lost cause.

  6. Love those colorful birds! I am so happy that you have this view to share with us! Red shoes are always just perfect! And keep on enjoying that coffee! I love the snapshots into your life.

  7. Hi Patti. I wonder who is watching who! U the birds or the birds you!!! LOL!

    And ur new work shoes are beeeeaaauuutiful.



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