Sunday, 1 May 2011

Soaking Up Sunshine

This 'mother's day' orchid flowers every year around this time and I was tempted to bring it inside, but because I can see it from my studio window, decided to leave it there.

Today the weather turned out to be absolutely beautiful, so we left the housework behind us and headed down to the waterfront with Jess the border collie, a thermos of coffee and the Sunday papers.  We did some celebrity spotting (an ex Sydney TV newsreader) and soaked up the sunshine while watching the boats bob up and down.  So relaxing after a busy week.

The Sunday papers were full of  'The Wedding'.  Kate Middleton's dress was roughly the same design as mine was 30 years ago.  I thought it looked really beautiful!  Will and Harry, also gorgeous!  Kate's sister's dress - stunning!  What did you think?


  1. I found the wedding quite moving. Dress lovely yes, and the couple and the pomp. I cried for heavens sake. Also wonderful were the shots of the interior of the cathedral. I am just beginning Sunday here! Be well, Suki

  2. I love your beautiful orchid. It seems as though you've had beautiful weather there all throughout our winter (your summer I believe) and into our spring. What a nice place to live.

    Your wedding dress must have been amazing...and congratulations on being married 30 years, Patti! This is an accomplishment that few people achieve nowadays. Most of our celebrities and public figures have talents and full lives yet cannot achieve this.

    I saw a few pictures and her dress did look lovely and classic. My husband said he loved Kate's sister's dress too, and that men would prefer that one to Kate's!

    Peace, love, and a great week coming up, xoO

  3. Sounds like an idyllic day !!!
    I loved all of the color and dress of the wedding. It was fun to look at.
    I hope this week is full of sweet blooms for you, Lovely Patti !


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