Thursday, 14 July 2011

All Good!

This is a watercolour painting about one quarter underway.  Lots to do yet!

This is a journal page, also partially completed.  Saturday I will be able to get back into it all and I'm hoping for a rainy day so I can head into my studio and forget everything!  I'm not complaining though, my life is rich and happy right now and although balancing is like standing at the centre of a see saw, it's all good!


  1. it is wonderful to read about your rich life, filled with so many layers all jelling together. one thing i love about your paintings is the sense of movement and flow and the fish painting has that for sure. also all the patterns you see and paint. lovely journal too. hope you get that rainy saturday!

  2. I love the turquoise here Patti...your fish painting is gorgeous and I love how they're all separate, but are also one. For some reason, this makes me feel really happy and has put a big smile on my face!

    ps...I'll send you one of our rainy days if you send me one of your sunny ones!

  3. I live in the same climate as Kate I, so I'll send you one too, then you'll have two :) I echo her comments about your work, and sukipoet's as well; so glad you are making time to create! xoO

  4. I love your fish images Patti and I really love looking at my `Patti Bourne Original' every day. So good to hear that you are in a good place at present.


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