Saturday, 9 July 2011

Journal Play

A little journal play to show.  This collage was made up of an Asian newspaper, some designs of mine, red ribbon and silver material over brown paper, with a little red ink & red acrylic.

This face was loosely, a self-portrait.  More the feel of who I am rather than what I actually look like. (as Suki said recently about a self portrait)  Lots of impasto gel on this one, not that you can see it here.  Rough and shiny at the same time.

Slowly getting back into the studio.  It feels like an age since I've been here, I've almost forgotten what to do! ....Nah, that would never happen! :)


  1. I dont think i have seen you do a collage such as the top one. they are fun putting together scraps of this and that.

    The self portrait is intense. Love love those eyebrows!

  2. What a fun rendition of your "Self"...Love all that color and design on face and it too. The jagged lines and swirls...lots of feeling here.

    Fun collage. Love the oriental background especially.

  3. ...on face and background too...

  4. It is so fun that you are exploring different styles in your studio. I really like the idea of a self-portrait that encompasses who you are rather than how you look. I also like how I still see your signature style in the two new experiments with the repeated patterns. You seem very happy, Patti! xoO

  5. I love Asian newspapers - they look like art! Great self portrait - colors are exciting!

  6. Gorgeous! I feel that the lady in the painting should have black hair and black eyes, as it is very 'chinois' alongside the collage, like that lady on the Collector program on ABC, can't think of her name.....all black and red laquer.

  7. Just started back to arty play myself, Patti. I have to admit I was actually a little scared that I wouldn't be able to lose myself in the process but with a bit of mood music, some specially designated time and all my sweet toys at my disposal, I feel right back into place...
    Love your play time pieces too. Welcome home !


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