Friday, 22 July 2011

Collage Paper

I decided to decorate my own collage paper, with great results!  I'm glad I decided to do this, it is so rewarding!  I hope you can see the apple against the three papers I created and pasted in my journal. 

First, make a wash of your favorite colour, then add a pattern in a darker colour, then add more pattern in a darker colour still, then highlight it with white.  Repetition is the key here!

I cut this sheet of painted orange/yellow paper and pasted it in stripes, then added some decoration in blue ...

Worlds apart from collage papers you can buy and so easy to do!


  1. these are great. so personal and so you. i never buy collage papers except for plain rice paper to use in collage. i do save scraps of paper to reuse in collage. did you make this on drawing paper?

  2. I like your experiment with collage paper, Patti, and your new font--whoo hoo--Google Blogger makes it fun, don't they? xoO

  3. What a great idea. It looks fabulous. Oh, and I love the font you're using!


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