Sunday, 16 October 2011

Off and Racing!

It was a beautiful Spring day today and I joined my work buddies for Ladies Day at the Races for our (slightly early) end of year function.  We all dressed up in our hats, high heels and fascinators, sipped bubbly and placed 'huge' bets of $2 a race!  We had the benefit of a corporate box and were waited on hand and foot.  We had enormous fun!

One of our team and his girlfriend entered the fashion competition but didn't get a place unfortunately!

The horses, the stars of the show, all looked to be in beautiful condition.  We left tired, happy and a little tipsy as the sun sank low in the late afternoon sky.


  1. what an unusual day. sounds like something out of the movies. fun to dress up, almost like going to the Willow Ball!

  2. I've never heard of fascinators before but "googled" it and now I know! What fun Patti!

    I love going to the races but our track closed a few years ago on the island and now it's a ferry trip and overnight excursion to Vancouver, so we don't do it much anymore. This post has brought back all the fun that a day of $2 betting can bring!

  3. I have never had a day even remotely like this but it certainly does sound like fun. I love these snapshots into your life, Patti. I too had to google "fascinators" and was so surprised...a fashion show, a horse race, dressing up, Ladies Day...all so different, but definitely fun! Thank you Patti, xoO

  4. Lucky you, it looks like Canterbury. Wish I had time to flutter...


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