Sunday, 23 October 2011


I nearly discarded this twilight pic of my studio, since it's a little blurry.  But the glow of light at the centre of my table seemed to represent what it is like when I'm in creative mode.  All the energy concentrated in the one place....

Speaking of energy, I had a mad burst of it today and went for two walks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Then I spent the rest of the day clearing out cupboards and generally de-cluttering and cleaning.  It must be Spring!

Then a quiet evening journaling, listening to my son play guitar in his bedroom.  My front doors are open and you can hear the night creatures and feel the cool air floating about the room. The Sunday papers are still lying about from this mornings read.  Wishing you a relaxing Sunday too!


  1. love the picture of your studio. it is almost other worldly. have a wonderful sunday.

  2. Love the pic and what you see in it !
    Sounds like a heavenly weekend in Spring down your way. Enjoy, Artist Heart !

  3. I too love the picture and how it represents your focus. Your villa is always so neat, Patti. And it always is a bit of a jolt to me, and I initially think you have the season "wrong" and then I remember that you are "down under" sounds so nice, xoO

  4. I am so glad you shared, and didn't discard, this view of your creative space. It is wonderful - and yes, concentrated light is like the energy we all have at times. You are entering spring, while fall is coming here. Perhaps when I retire I'll have to travel to your side of the world so I can have 2 springs and 2 summers in one year!!

  5. That all sounded devine and the light on the desk well spiritual to me.


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