Tuesday, 7 February 2012

In the Store

Working in the shoe store is good honest work.  And I love it!

My jobs range from serving a wide spectrum of customers (toddlers, kids, teenagers, young adults, mums and dads, middle aged and the elderly), specialist fitting of shoes on difficult feet (wide, large, narrow, small, painful with bunions and needing orthotics etc) to processing (checking & ticketing of new stock) & moving stock to various storerooms (ie piles of shoeboxes) to the mundane like vacuuming the carpet, polishing mirrors.  Then fun jobs like window dressing and creating in-store displays, all in a store that is a family owned business roughly 72 years old!

It's challenging and mostly very rewarding dealing with those customers and the diversity in the job is far from boring.

Today I received a bottle of champagne as a thankyou for a period of very hard work.  The gesture was much appreciated!


  1. It is rewarding to love what we do to earn our keep. Nice to beable to toast what you love.
    I like the painting too!

  2. Glad your have found so much that is good about your work. It does sound interesting. ah! a toast to you.

  3. I have thought quite a bit about this post since you wrote it yesterday. What a gift to have a job you enjoy, one that makes it fun to go to work to perform! I am hoping for the same thing for myself someday. I never thought of work in a shoe store as interesting before you got your job, but everything you describe there sounds so nice and indeed--interesting. Being part of a family business, especially so. I am very happy for you, Patti. xoO


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