Monday, 13 February 2012

Rain Bed & the Garden

This is the "Sun Bed", my christmas gift to Max last year, sans cushion.  Because constant rain has plagued us this summer, we have re-named it the "Rain Bed" LOL!

The sun has been coming out every now and then in between shower bursts, which means we've been able to get into our garden.  The plan is to pull out overcrowded, leggy shrubs (quite a job!) and re-plant more intelligently.  We have pulled a few already, with a few more to go.  Max and I have endless discussions about plants and garden design while sitting here on the front veranda over coffee in the mornings.

A couple of bird attracting native trees will be going in, so that the lorikeets that visit us every evening will continue to come.  Looking forward to planting time - it's one of my favourite things!


  1. Patti, the thing that stood out for me in this post was a picture (in my head) of you and your husband talking every morning over coffee. What a gift it is to have a mate like this to share your life with--from gardens to discussions to shared jokes and listening to the lorakeets--you are both so blessed! Peace and love to you, xoO

  2. It used to be my most favorite time art making has taken it's place. Happy gardening. Lovely place you have there.

  3. David and I call it "Saturday morning dreaming" when we sit over our cups and dream about gardens or house renos that we can take on ourselves...Lovely !
    May the blessed rain bring you to the planting season quickly !
    Light and love !


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