Monday, 20 May 2013

A Challenge

I'm back home again after three days in Jervis Bay, south of Sydney. I stayed in a beautiful little cabin (with an awesome bathroom!), walking distance from cafes, restaurants and the bay.

I had a wonderful weekend sharing creative space with ten other artsists, absorbing all there is to know about painting with cold wax from Judy Wise.  It is quite a challenge to get the richness of colour while still remaining subtle and soft.  However, it is a medium with infinite possibilities, so I will be experimenting more as soon as I get the opportunity.

These cold wax pieces do not photograph well, most of the detail and sweetness is lost unfortunately, but I hope you get the general idea looking at these pics. These are the best of the bunch that I created.

I made some lovely new friends over lunch and dinner and hope to keep in touch, it was so much fun to have their company!  Huskisson is a beautiful little town and I loved every minute of my time there.

Back to earth now!


  1. Just beautiful Patti, you were so lucky to have this experience :)

  2. These are really lovely Patti! It sounds like you had a wonderful time connecting and creating with like minded souls.

  3. I too think that these are lovely, and agree that this must have been such a great experience. I know how wax photographs and can imagine how they look in real life! xoO

  4. how fun Patti. So brave of you to do this workshop. So wonderful to create with others and find new friends.

  5. ditto to the other comments too, and must say how much I like that sun face one!

  6. Sounds like a treat ! Love the pieces, they make you want to touch them, don't they ?
    Happy landings!

  7. Interesting. I've heard so many good things about Judy Wise and her workshops. It's neat to see what you got out of this one.


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