Thursday, 30 May 2013


I've been experimenting a lot in cold wax lately and I just love it.  Applying my own style has been difficult for some reason, maybe because others who paint in cold wax are so soft and subtle and I am always so bright.  This painting has come close to what I need to create and it is a small glimpse of what I can perhaps produce.

Very busy in the shoe store at the moment so painting has had to go on the backburner again.  Stop. Start. Stop. Start.  Hard for me as I like a bit of flow!

In the meantime I dream of smooshy paint/wax and to the time when I can get back to it!


  1. Lovely mix of composition and color!
    And I love your banner painting VERY MUCH too!

  2. looks like you and not like you. more abstract perhaps. most exciting what you are doing. oh, i need a pair of sandals. got any?

    1. Ha ha Suki! Winter here so don't like your chances!

  3. they look like giant palm fronds! I love the circles on the bottom of the pic! They look like bubbles!

  4. I think what you're doing in cold wax is wonderful. I'm off to read more of your blog and look at more of your work. Thank you for being you!! xo

  5. A new medium and you seem to be mastering it in no time! The photos of your work at just lovely!

  6. I adore your smooch brights ! This piece is delicious !


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