Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Time to Get Excited!


Today Judy Wise posted that she was 'Off' to Australia!  How exciting is that!  Next week Australian artists (including me) gather for a Judy Wise Cold Wax Workshop in Jervis Bay (south of Sydney, and my birthplace actually!)

It is time for me to get excited and I look forward to welcoming Judy to Australia!  And to painting with cold wax and delicious oils!  And rubbing shoulders with other artists and having a weekend away in a beautiful part of the world, devoted solely to art!  What's not to love?

Will report back soon on how our weekend went!


  1. lucky you! no one ever ventures here to the west! *sigh* anyway have a wonderful time and then tell us all about it here!

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  3. oh this sounds so exciting. good for you for signing up and taking the time to go. what fun it will be.

  4. How fabulous ! You will adore Judy ! She is so generous, funny, down to earth as well as a master teacher.Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy !


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