Saturday, 25 May 2013


Cold Wax! It's so lovely to work with!  If you ever get the chance to do a Cold Wax Workshop with Judy Wise, just do it!  It's a wonderful medium that has so many possibilities!

Typical of me, I have tried to make cold wax fit 'me' and don't find myself painting like Judy Wise or any of the other Artists I shared creative space with last weekend.  This is good from a unique artist point of view, but difficult and quite a challenge to find my 'voice' in this medium.

I am  really keen to nail it though and have a few days up my sleeve to produce more cold wax pieces.  It is good to break out of my comfort zone however.  Will post my next attempts!


  1. wow, I'm just loving those images there! looking forward to seeing more of your "attempts" although I think your'e really good at what you did here already!

  2. I like your "attempts" too. Beautiful, and with your unique style, Patti! xoO

  3. I love your art. it is just special to you. have fun playing more with cold wax

  4. Lovely ! And so fun to find yourself immersed in a new medium with such gusto !
    Happy Creating !

  5. Oh, I love that red background black trees painting. It's so imaginative and the colors rock. The lines in the trees just delight me; original and whimsical. Happy face!


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