Saturday, 28 April 2007

Absolutely Fabulous

I am excited that I have the opportunity to take an art course.

What I am doing now is a painting course, and we have begun by researching colour (my favourite topic). I have never had any art training before, so I am pleased to be able to go over the basics, because those basics are such an important foundation of any skill.

These still life's I did a couple of years ago. They are of the same "proverbial" bowl of fruit, spun around in a different direction, but in different mediums. The first is water colour pencil, the second, lead pencil only.


  1. Oy!
    Very nice. I love the pencil drawing. You'd NEVER know you hadn't taken art classes. I did, and I can't draw that well at all!
    My favourite part is the sheer curtains. They fall so perfectly and you can see through them...nice touch~
    Yay for you. Keep it up, you have real talent!

  2. No formal art training? Are you KIDDING me?! Talk about a gift!
    I checked out the link - nora seems very cool.

  3. Fantastic Patti, you will love it!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your work

  4. I'm SO jealous, I'd kill for an ounce of your talent!

  5. Thanks for the link to Nola's site - I remember clearly reading about her in the SMH in 2001- because I thought "how cool! What a woman!" You can stay with me if you want to do some cuorses- I'll come with you to the life class/dinner!!

  6. Whoa!! I can't believe you haven't studied art formally - you have an amazing inate talent.
    Like the pattern underneath the fruit bowl, and BM is right those curtains are great!

    Hope you enjoy the course and have fun. Seriously, no previous art training? WOW!


  7. NO TRAINING! I am astounded! I am reading backwards through your blog and am blown away by how everything has taken place for you, Patti!!


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