Thursday, 26 April 2007

Poetry Thursday


Serendipity, gently nudging.
Did you notice, did you see?

A message out, a message in.
Hear the Universe breathing,

in that moment when you ask, is it real?
Did you notice, did you see?

And the Universe responds with a nod
and a gift wrapped in loving vibrations.

Synchronicity. Magic. Truth.
Did you notice, did you see?


  1. Patti -

    What a lovely poem. I really like the spark in your question line "Did you notice, did you see?"

    I'm not certain this has the structure of a traditional villanelle, but that may not have been your intention -- and I'm no expert.

    It was sure a delightful read. :)

    I am going to investigate your blog now that I've come.

    --and so it goes--

  2. Sjoe that was so light and pretty...:)

  3. This is not a villanelle but whatever form it is, I liked it.

    The words flows for me.

    of bygone eras

  4. I liked it very much! Many times we don't notice, do we, those little nudges from the universe?

  5. Patti, I must say you are braver then I. The poem was lovely in both form and meaning. Were my mind where I wish it could be. I too would give it a try. Alas, not so this time. Wonderful!


  6. That's beautiful ~ and I think you just invented a new form ~ the Patti-nelle? :)

  7. Thank you for your gracious comments. No, it's not a villanelle, though it does have line repetition. But I do like the notion of a new form of poetry - a "Patti-nelle":)

  8. You are truly a CREATIVE GENIUS!

  9. Ohhhh...I am loving your poem!
    So beautiful and really makes you think how the universe plays such a role in our lives, that we don't even pay attention.
    I wish I could write poetry, I totally suck at it.

  10. Patti,

    I love the way you played with our meaning of Serendipity. Nice Poem.

    - Tracie

  11. serendipity (n) Faculty of making happy discoveries by accident. (Coined by Horace Walpole for title of a fairy-tale, "The Three Princes of Serendip"
    Love the poem, Patti!


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