Friday, 19 October 2007

Star, of Esperanza 1 - Chapter 2

The continuation of the story "Star, of Esperanza 1" an un-edited first draft of my children's story.

Day One on the Planet Esperanza

The spacecraft hovered then landed in a clearing surrounded by trees, tossing their leafy branches in its wake. Britt was already up out of her seat and stood by the door, ready to disembark. Mapmaking software was loaded onto the mini-computers they had strapped to the arms of their spacesuits. Their mission would be to know the planet inside out. Where would be the most conducive place to set up the first colony of Esperanza?

Colourful birds glided in the sky above, feathers trailing, beaks curved and long. “Arrk, arrk” filled the air. Unidentifiable animals called out from the jungle that surrounded them, echoing, echoing.

“Come on, lets get going” Star called out to Britt. The team of six gathered up their equipment and began their trek into the unknown.

The sun was high in the sky when they found themselves on the banks of a river deep and brown and wide. They stopped to take a break from trekking. Britt checked in with the crew remaining on Esperanza 1. All was well.

One of the team cried out, pointing to the sandy banks of the river. A scaly creature crawled out on four legs from the water, snapping it’s jaws filled with scissor like teeth, growling like a dog. Purple fins stood out on its back and sides like Japanese fans.

Everyone stood back, weapons at the ready, but the creature turned and slid back into the water as quickly as it had emerged. Relieved but wary, the team prepared their meal and settled down to eat, hungry as they were from trekking across the jungle.

Next they discovered in their path a rocky outcrop, leading upwards. Insects with transparent wings hovered around Star’s head as she climbed, possessing segmented bodies unlike any she had ever seen on earth. Reptilian creatures glared suspiciously from rocky crevices, too fearful to come out and confront the team of astronauts from another world.

Britt paused at the top of the outcrop and shielded her eyes from the afternoon sun. She hesitated then pulled her binoculars from her hip pocket. Waving her free arm to get Star’s attention she stepped closer to the sight that spread out before her. Unexpectedly, there was a building.

“Star, come take a look!” she handed the binoculars over, a frown on her face.

Star took in the sight before her and was as amazed as Britt had been. The dome shaped building was made of what looked like mud brick and grasses, and the few windows it possessed appeared to be without any form of glass.

“What do we do now?” Britt asked Star.

“Let’s go see”, said Star.

They began their descent, curious, anxious and alert. They could not be sure of what or who they would find below.


  1. I hopped over here and just read the second chapter first, I like the story and the images that it creates as well as your painting. Thanks for sharing the book with us here. Can't wait to read the first chapter and am sad cause I have to leave for parttimejob now:)
    have a great day

  2. Hey Twin-

    come on, come on, come on ... what is down there??????!!!!!!!!


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