Monday, 15 October 2007

Don't Plan

This 'electric fish' is a journal page where I happily played with colour combinations. I have been looking at Aviva Gold's website, reading articles about "Painting From the Source" where you paint instinctively, without planning. I endeavour to do this in my journal pages, playing with paint and colour as a child would, not worrying about the outcome. This, I believe is the way to capture true energy in your artwork. When something good emerges on a journal page, I will then put paint to canvas. So maybe I do plan after all!?

Speaking of plans, I completed only one painting last week, as life did not pan out quite as I expected. Isn't that always the way - "the best laid plans....".


  1. Hi Patti!
    What a painting. The cool blue of the eyes and the pillow, such a contrast to the vibrant red of the face, bed and breasts, the expressive lines of the face...
    The feeling that the women is asleep but not. Your painting speaks to me very much,

  2. Wow, wow, wow, I LOVE your fishie. You can feel that it is a painting from the Source.

  3. I love your colours again, they are your 'trademark' style I think, together with the energy and life you convey in your pictures. 'Naked Dream' made me laugh, and I love the fish too.

    Nice to see your work... more please!
    Thanks for nice comments in my tricky week too, you said just the right thing at the right time.

  4. Hi Patti-
    I was having problems leaving comments last night, as well. I LOVE your work - especially the "Naked Dream" - such freedom with the lines and boldness of color ... and the patterning is great. It is said that every piece of work an artist creates is a self-portrait - of where we are at the moment ... I personally dig that idea.

  5. Hi Patti,
    I love your Painting From the Source! As always...vibrant and intriguing. I'm glad you found Aviva Gold's work inspring.
    Wonderful work!

  6. These journal pages are fantastic! what media are you using to paint?

    I'll have to admit when I face a journal page and think about painting, all my juices freeze and nothing comes - I'm much better with a 24 x 36 canvass in front of me. Canvass can be painted over - paper is so permanent!

  7. Enjoy your work so much. The colors and simplified forms. Thanks for the comments on my blog re: beads and also things we have in common. Yes, I practice yoga every day, sometimes twice. I'd be a basket case without it.

    Today I'll post a mandala, influenced by yours. B&W though.


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