Friday, 26 October 2007

Colour Garden

A journal page where I played with joyful colour.

Lizzi has asked me to post my desktop. Where I sit here at the computer is a very practical space, which I share with all of the family. There are no ornaments or flowers in vases, or pot plants. It is just a place to keep computer games, a basket full of spaghetti (camera cables, i-pod cables etc), a modum, a printer/scanner, paper to scribble on and a dictionary. That's about it! The good thing about where I sit is the view of the garden, for those moments when my attention disappears out the window. On this day I was also painting at the computer desk, hence the tubes of paint.

My studio desktop is also, mostly practical. This is where I paint canvases. Frequently, journalling takes place on my lap in front of the tv or any place there is room for paints, brushes and a pot of water.

This is my chair, draped with a gorgeous shawl, given to me years ago by a friend who was a drama student and had collected lots of 'costume' pieces. Phoebe the cat thinks this is her chair and we fight over it regularly.

So now you know where I sit when I lose myself reading your lovely blogs and where I sit when I lose myself in my colourful, creative world.


  1. Oh my gosh, I love love love Moonlight Tree.

  2. What a beautiful, colorful space you have Patti! Love to you, O

  3. Your space is fantastic, Queen of Color!!! And look at all of your work! Getting ready for a show?

  4. What a fantastic space - I can feel the energy from here!

  5. Wow! Thanks Patti.
    I am so pleased you accepted my invitation and I got to see where you paint:-) Your paintings look amazing on the wall, and the page from your journal of 'joyful colour' is just crying out to be made into a BIG painting.

    My computer space is shared too,as is my painting space too now, but I am working on getting it sorted out a bit more = more room. One day I SHALL have a big airy, light studio all of my very own. Tammy would say I need to put that affirmation into the present tense ;-)

    Thanks for sharing. Cool!

  6. blogger's letting me comment - for now!!
    what a beautiful. colourful space, patti :o)

  7. Love your paintings and your journal page, so much colour

  8. Oooo...I just love seeing these pics!
    Your computer desk looks very efficient, but I must admit I want to sit down at your creative desk in that awesome chair and just stare at your paintings!
    You are such an inspiration and these pics are so cool.
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi Patti,
    I do love your space, a blank canvas filled with your incredible talent for making beautiful things! Very inspring Patti. I'm re-evaluating my studio now and thinking of bringin in a separate table for my laptop. Thanks for the consistent inspiration!
    I'll be back!!

  10. And... I love the journal page..the designs and colors! It reminds me of some of my creative meanderings in my journal : ) ..great minds huh! I really like your creative style...

  11. Hey Patti, Thanks for the glimpse inside your space. It looks warm, cheerful and inviting. I can see why you and the cat fight over that chair! Really love your colorful artwork too...You and Eileen inspire me so much...make me yearn to paint even though I don't know how! Beverly

  12. Love the roit of colors...your painting always make me smile!

  13. That moon painting with the flowers - totally yummy. Look at all this color! The energy of these is dazzling! what a great place to live amongst!

  14. Your space is so well-organized and functional. Little wonder that you are able to produce art everyday. xxoo


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