Monday, 22 October 2007

Testing the Mind

An abstract vase of azalea blooms. This was one of the first paintings I ever attempted back in 2005 using acrylic gouche, before I had developed any kind of technique. I love the flourescence of the green leaves and pink blooms. It's cool when I appreciate my own art, it balances out the times when I am self-critical.

I have been having an interesting time doing various tests to measure Personality (INFJ - writer/artist type - no surprises here!), Intelligence (Scored 94% on the word vocabulary test which I was pleased about as it is quite challenging, but did miserably on the numerical one - no surprises here either!), Word Association (these are freakily spot on - there is no place to hide!), Left Brain/Right Brain (I am 50% left/50% right) However when I did this test I am clearly right brained. Maybe being 50/50 I swing between them both (?)

If you have an hour to spare take a look at these. They tell you a lot you already know about yourself and a few things you don't.

For anyone following "Star, of Esperanza 1" - next instalment coming soon.....

Technical Difficulties: If the above link to 'tests' is not working and you want to find out your personality type try


  1. I am ENTJ, Richard is INTJ which explains why he likes to leave parties early and why I can dance all night!
    Am keen to try the Brain Test.
    Am also reminded to send yu the Writer's and Artists Yearbook- will get that in the post on the weekend.

  2. I am an ENFJ - the rowdier of the twins!

    I love your painting! Your work is always so uplifting - just like you! There are times I look back at my older work and I fall IN LOVE with it ... but also times I look at it and say, "Wow, this is crapola!"

    Can't wait for the next installment of the story - don't leave me hangin'!

  3. Not done the tests yet... i'll let you know. Interesting to see your early work. The love affair with colour is there, and the bold shapes and energy still, but one can also see how far you have come. you really are such an amzingly talented person. Very cool.
    Can't wait to see your 'artistic space' :-)

  4. I'm INFJ as well. Thank you for the tests...I will try to find time to do them soon.


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