Sunday, 8 February 2009

beautiful swimming pigment

i'm loving my new water colours. beautiful pigment swimming all across the page, swirling together. this was another exercise where i practiced different techniques. the secret is to use the best quality paper you can and the best quality paints & brushes.

i'm still very much a novice and need to practice some 'transitioning' (perfectly blending two colours together such as yellow and orange, from darkest to lightest). i have made a design of a snake and the roundness of its body will give me opportunity to practice this. i'll let you know how it goes.

the watercolor book: materials & techniques for today's artists by david dewey, is on my (very long) book wish-list. i just sold my little fish from a couple of posts back, so it looks like the money's been spent already! :)

the music in my sidebar the be good tanyas 'littlest birds' is well worth a listen today, it is such a joyful, feel-good song, i'm thinking of buying the album.


  1. I am so into orange right now and your painting absolutely satisfies my soul.

    Thank you. Listening to your feel good song. Music and color ... mmmh!

  2. Lovely watercolor. did you always use watercolors??? Or were some paintings of acryclis. Do you read "Paris Breakfasts" blog? she is a watercolor artist and has taken workshops with David Dewey in Maine a number of times. Also she recommends his book. I think you are very good with them, esp good to get such dark colors.

  3. nice music. I like their voices and clothes. I have always loved a banjo too. thanks


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