Monday, 2 February 2009

studio central

my studio has been a moveable affair of late and after christmas i found myself set up in the corner of a quiet upstairs bedroom, away from it all. isn't this what we all want, our own peaceful, secluded sanctuary?

not me it turns out! last week with temperatures soaring, i took over the dining room table where it was cooler and discovered i really loved being at the centre of the house. i could stir a pot on the stove, then walk over to my canvas and add a brushstroke or two, chat to family members, the light is good, breezes waft through the back door. i seemed to be more comfortable & therefore more productive there during the day & in the evenings. it became tricky at dinner time though!

so i decided to move downstairs permanently. a quick move of furniture and my little old art table is now part of the hub of family life. the computer is in the same room, so this works well also.

i am in the process of writing & illustrating a small children's book which is quite a challenge and i'm loving it!

i searched the net for demonstrations of watercolour illustrations and found these two from english children's author/illustrator quentin blake and californian watercolourist laurie rase hall. both these wonderful artists share their processes generously and hand on some wonderful tips. 'fireflies at night' by illustrator Paige Keiser is very sweet and fun to watch too.

more demo's here by other artists in all different mediums, if you are interested.


  1. Good luck with your children's book Patti. I love thinking about it being so hot somewhere in the world. Lucky you. And how wonderful that moving around and experimenting with different studio spaces allowed you to find your perfect spot. You were listening to your self.

  2. I wish you the best with your book, Patti, too. I know it will be gorgeous! Congratulations on your studio relocation as well :)

    xxoo, O

  3. Pat- I love this watercolour!! How big is it? On canvas?
    Let me know...I'll buy it anyway!


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