Tuesday, 10 February 2009

a couple of things

what is it about fish that i like so much? colour, pattern & shape mostly. i seem to have collected quite a few in the form of pottery, mosaic & ornaments over the years & i love to paint them. fish are considered to be a sign of abundance in chinese culture and apparently it welcomes in good fortune if you have fish symbols in your kitchen. our kitchen is in the wealth corner on the bagua map, so maybe i should make a nice big fish painting to hang there, welcome in some good vibrations!

i'm reading a compelling book called 'the other hand' by chris cleave. it is such superb reading i was surprised to find myself half-way through the book, having only just picked it up. it's about 'little bee' a nigerian refugee and her arrival in london, fleeing a terrifying past. not a subject i thought i would enjoy reading, but so well written & current, i recommend it. i found my copy in the local library.


  1. Fish are also so fluid, and living in a fluid environment. I'll check out that book.

  2. Thank you for the book recommendation! I love your fish.

  3. I am crazy about this fish painting! The colors and detail are beyond me...the bubbles make me smile. Great job and good fortune.


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