Friday, 20 February 2009

secret No: 7 - consulting with guides

this serene pic taken on my last 'artist date'

i am participating in the next chapter group reading 12 secrets of highly creative women, by gail mcmeekin.

having a creative guide or mentor is something that seems to have passed me by. a mentor to encourage my artistic talents and provide some direction when i was younger would have certainly changed my life, but i guess it wasn't meant to happen back then.

however, the universe always provides and blogging entered my life. it was my first taste of what it could be like to be with a group of women who were creative, spiritual and supportive of each other. it was like finding my tribe at long last.

reading the wisdom of wonderful seasoned artists like judy wise and nina bagley, to name only a couple, is such a treat. each of you creative blogging souls out there have sent my thinking off in new directions with your ideas, books, links, images & demonstrations.
this 'next chapter' group provides us with a deep focus on the thing we all love the most, our creativity. we are learning from each other and by generously sharing our fears, hopes & wisdom we gather courage & momentum.

out in the wider world, australian artists rebecca cool, cressida campbell & del kathryn barton are guiding lights for me. not only inspiring with their art, but also with the lives that they lead. my country has produced some truly amazing artists.

if ever i am lucky enough to find a flesh & blood creative mentor who will sit down with me and share all their wisdom, i will hang on to them very, very tightly!


  1. Hello! Tahnks for your lovely comment - so nice to cross paths with a fellow Aussie creative soul. I have just (30 minutes ago) ordered the book 12 Secrets... I'm really looking forward to devouring it! Many of these gals in the US seem to have so many arty and creative souls to mentor and exchange thoughts with - it seems a little more difficult here - I'm not in a city. I found myself nodding alot with you as I read your post. I hope the universe brings someone to your door and mine as well! Until then I'll be popping over to your little piece of the world to gain some inspiration from you - thanks so much ! And, btw - your paintings are just beautiful - it really has started me thinking a bit more outside of my own comfort zone...

  2. How wonderful! Whether in the flesh or through digital innovation, finding the right guides and the heartfelt inspirations, is a beautiful thing indeed :)

    May you find the guidance you are seeking :)

  3. Patti, your art has always made me think of someone who has been doing it since they were a kid.
    Your talent is so fresh, so original, and yet personal.
    Just goes to show that nobody can stop what's deep within us. It will find a way to come out and evolve.

  4. I have had a similiar experience with bloggers acting as my guides as well as many authors. I haven't met a creative mentor in the flesh yet either, but I am hoping one day I will...I hope you do too!

  5. Patti,

    My experience is the same. Thank God for blogging! Through it I have found encouragement, kindness, inspiration, and education...not just for my various artistic endeavors, but for life. You have been a big encouragement for me in both ways---artistically and in life, and I thank you so much for it :)

    Much love,


  6. I can relate to what you are saying about what it means to finally find one's tribe. I love this quote "A wolf that doesn't know how to howl will never find her pack." For me howling means to post my voice out there, whether it is through blogging or any other creative expression and before you know it you draw the attention of other kindred souls. I love this community of bloggers!!

  7. I love this blogging community too!
    I love hearing how it has made a difference for so many. Your Guide is most surely on the way.

  8. Thank you for the links. Cressida Campbell's work is divine!

  9. I'm glad you found your tribe. I feel like I've stumbled upon something really great with this group.

  10. Nice perspective...thanks for sharing

  11. this is a wonderful post. thank you so much for sharing the work of these magnificent artist - you have found some great guides.
    Looking at your slide show, I see your work is very bold, fresh, exciting - i really like it a lot!
    i'm glad i found your blog via the 12 secrets group.


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