Thursday, 12 February 2009

inspired by a diamond python

this is the snake i've been working on. i found inspiration in 'the encyclopaedia of australian wildlife' by Steve Parish. the snake that caught my eye was a non-venomous diamond python curled up very cosily in a birds-nest fern. although the diamond python in the book is quite beautiful, mine is nothing like it and i've used lots of detail again (click on the picture for a closer look).

the white lines on the leaves were made with the help of masking fluid (sometimes called frisket) which is a liquid latex solution that you apply with an old paintbrush, then paint over the top. when you've finished painting it simply peels off with the help of a plastic eraser. it works with any water-based medium. i'll play with this some more as it was lots of fun and the possibilities are endless.

the body of the snake was perfect for practicing 'transitioning'. i don't think i've quite got it yet. to create the effect of roundness it is necessary to apply a wash then lift off some of the paint down the middle with a dry paintbrush, to reveal a light turning edge. lots more technique to practice.


  1. this is so beautiful. I think you transitioned quite well. I love the contrast of the stripes and the circular snake. Just gorgeous. so glad you are not near the fires. Blessings, Suki

  2. Oh, I love this snakie! I think you did a good job with transitioning. Can't wait to see where this takes you next!

  3. you are like a profi for me! like all your beautiful colored pics!! And your fish is just an inspiration to me and your tree is so vivid, all of your creations are full of live.
    Blessings from austria to australia Titania

  4. So beautiful, you got that impression of roundness perfectly,
    and I love the snake's patterns!

  5. Gorgeous Pat- Want this one too.......see my email...


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