Friday, 2 April 2010

Someone to Watch Over Me

Who is watching you watching me? :) Oil pastels have such gorgeous pigment and smooshiness, they constantly make me happy!

With Easter on my mind, this popped up in a corner of my journal. A serene, smiling angel to watch over me.

The colours have turned out a pale blue & a snazzy lime green here via the scanner. It's more of an iconic gold & deep blue in my journal. How does that happen?


  1. I ask myself that so often ! ;)

    Eyes, looking and watching have been a theme around here lately too. Interesting...

    Know you are always watched over and always loved, Beautiful Patti.

    Hppy Easter !

  2. Beautiful angel! But I have to tell you, after a fright a looooong time ago with an eye, I am not comfortable with a single eye looking at me.... (no matter how pretty it is)!


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