Thursday, 29 April 2010

Slow Technique

Suki commented a couple of posts back, that these water colours that I love to do, most likely take longer to make than looks suggest.

It is true that each section needs to be painted, then dried properly before the next section can be painted. Otherwise the colour will then bleed into the damp section next to it. It then needs to be completely dry before adding more concentrated colour or ink for further decoration. It's possible though, to use a hairdryer to speed things up.

I usually go about housework, cooking, phone calls , sometimes another painting, in between, leaving the artwork out on the kitchen table so I can go back to it easily. It is slow, but I do love this technique, because it seems to suit the art that I make.


  1. these flowers seem to just vibrate energy. thanks for the process tips! I am playing a bit with some watercolors but finding it frustrating. I admire you folks who do it with such success.

  2. And the art you make is amazing ! So love those colors that you achieve with such patience. I am definitely the hairdryer type of girl. My impatience has "ruined" many pieces I have done. But I have started to learn that going with our natural instincts as artists is what makes our stuff unique to us. That lesson is a sweet one...
    I am thankful for your patience and your process because it brings us these colorful additions to our world !
    Big love to you, Patti !

  3. This is a beautiful piece. I love the whimsy and the colors.
    Found your blog thur Lynn-getting my feet wet.

  4. This is beautiful, I love the effect in the vase of the blended colours.

  5. I too was going to say and still will that the art you make is such a delight. Nice too to learn about waiting...for parts to dry...also probably gives the brain time to dream up what to do next...I love watching your slide show out of my left eye, as my right eye reads your words.

    so happy to see that Terry came to your blog after finding you through mine. How sweet is that?

    You'd enjoy her art too I am sure.


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