Saturday, 3 July 2010

The Puzzle .....

Yesterday I had morning tea with some very good friends of mine at a local park, overlooking Terrigal Lagoon.  We ate warm mini-quiche's and date loaf, washed down with coffee, tea and chai.  We found some old, majestic fig trees and hugged you do... 

It was so very cold, yet we sat there with gloves and scarves on, hands wrapped around our steamy mugs and talked and talked.  We were there for hours, though it was as if no time had passed. How does time go so fast & easily when you're with kindred spirits?  Time really is a puzzle!


  1. and so slowly when you are in the dentists chair. love that Rumi quote.

  2. Smiles from me...enjoying your enjoyment from a far...Hot where we live...time wrapping around the universe blanketing us all in one warm hug.


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