Thursday, 29 July 2010

Relax & Play

I am now onto the last third of a large painting and it is giving me a little grief at this point, I must admit.  So today I opened my journal again after weeks of being away from it.  It was good to just relax & play again, without worrying about the outcome.  We all strive for perfection in our art, but to achieve it without blowing a fuse, playtime is essential.

This page I divided into three unrelated sections and painted simply whatever I felt like.  More play tonight, then tomorrow back to the puzzling painting!


  1. You have such beautiful balance in your life, Patti. I learn so much from your blog and comments.

    I love your new look. You know, when I redid my blog late last night I really liked it and then realized it was the SAME as yours!! I changed it after all and am glad, but I LOVE how this template perfectly complements your art, even in your art journal.

    I want to discover that sense of play in my own art journal. For me right now everything is serious, and I want to move more into a sense of play.

    Love and blessings, O

  2. I also think that is a brilliant idea when we are blocked or frustrated to stop and play.

  3. Ah, a lesson in balance. Sounds like you have your dream and your life - way to go! Can't wait to see you finished piece.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  4. It looked like fun...I finally got my ink pens and sketch book out tonight for the first time in weeks it seems...and was happy to see I could stil create wasn't lost as I had feared... ;-) Glad you had fun with yours.

  5. What a coincidence - i just blogged about balance too. I'm sure that a break away from that painting will unlock the necessary inspiration...


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