Friday, 16 July 2010


I've been pretty busy since my last post.  Last weekend I was very surprised by a Surprise 50th Birthday party.  We went to a Moroccan restaurant in Sydney, friends and family all there waiting - it was so atmospheric ... we were showered in rose petals as we entered the restaurant, before being served up a Moroccan banquet by warm and attentive waiters.  It was such a lovely surprise and along with an overnight stay in Sydney, made for a perfect, whirlwind weekend.

This week I spent a lot of time in the studio playing with paint, and on Wednesday I went down to Sydney yet again to meet my sisters, niece and nephew who came with me to see my first ever public exhibit of my paintings!  What a feeling!!

We took the ferry down the Parramatta River out to Western Sydney where 16 of my paintings were on show.
Then when I got home, a package from the USA was waiting for me.  I won a giveaway on Olivia's blog Happyluau  Thank You so much Olivia!


  1. Sounds like some major birthday and life celebrations down your way, Patti ! Congrats and well-deserved !!!
    May the flow continue...
    Big Love to you !

  2. are on a ROLL! Congratulations on your exhibition...they look wonderful hung up and it's interesting to see their actual size rather than on your blog. They're much larger than I imagined. And the party sounds wonderful...rose petals! How special is that!

    You are bathed in the light of a star showering sweet blessings upon you right now...and you deserve it all. Much love, Kate

  3. What a treat, Patti, to share in your full and bountiful life. I love that you're being recognized as a fab artiste! You certainly do go out and make things happen.
    Best wishes for it to all continue.

  4. Sounds like you had a truly wonderful Birthday celebration and now you are all set for a new Decade. What a great way to start - it must have been such a buzz to see your work on display, conratulations its very well deserved!

  5. How wonderful to have your paintings on display. I was excited for you just recognizing them in these photos! WAY TO GO!! And congrats on your Birthday celebration. It must have been just fantastic!

  6. It was a real buzz to see all those paintings I know so well up "on stage" - a bit like seeing my nieces and nephews performing in a school play. I was as proud as Punch.
    Welcome to the Fifties, it is a great place to be!

  7. What an exciting birthday. Love the sound of the dinner surprise! Rose petals and all.
    And your exhibit must be making many people very very happy indeed. The paintings are so brightly colored and happy in mood. I just love looking at them too. I am happy for you. I know that feeling and is it a wonderful rush. Enjoy it to it's fullest!!!!! I hope you make some sales too.


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