Saturday, 24 July 2010

A Story Is Waiting

This drawing is one made in my journal in beautiful black & white, just before my birthday - a train, 'Engine No.50', running along the track past trees and houses, reminding me of some story books I read when I was small. I'm sure there is a story to go with it. 

I've been thinking it's time to do some writing again, it's been a while since there's been a poem or story in me and I feel there's one waiting there now .... a dog with a sense of humour, a bossy cat, time travel, heroics....  we'll see....


  1. Maybe the dog with a sense of humour and bossy cat will be in the same story. What fun!

  2. I like the black and white, Patti, it makes the patterns pop! If you feel the creative urge, go with it and it will be fun to see what happens!! xo, O

  3. Happy Birthday. I can't even remember what 50 felt like it was so long ago. I love my age now: "OLD"...your drawing is delightful. Happy writing too...

  4. Love the black and white look, if you want to write again I can recommend `morning pages' :)

  5. Happy Birthday Patti ! May the adventure you dream of find you.
    I love love love a good story. Sounds like you have the beginning of something good there...Share when you dare !


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