Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Life Goes On

Processing all manner of stuff in my journal... earthquakes, tsunami's, floods, fires, war ..... feeling overwhelmed by all the disasters.  I can only give money and say prayers.  This will have to be enough.

Life goes on at the villa in spite of the rest of the world's troubles.  Working life is suiting me well.  I am really enjoying the challenges of selling.  It's fun and quite a buzz when you match up the customer with their perfect shoe.  Everybody's happy!

I have added a plant to my studio and in the background you can see the sad looking patio waiting for more plants and a new table & chairs to inject some life into it.

This is a Tahitian Lime tree I bought at the Nursery last week, along with a big fat pot of basil.  It needs to be potted up into its tub and I'm looking forward to having limes for my stir fry's and to slice up and splash into drinks.  Lovely!


  1. I love yr patio even sans sprucing up. wonderful to hear you are enjoying your job. makes it all so much more pleasant. yes, so many disasters it can get overwhelming. thank goodness for art to help work through the sad feelings. be well, suki

    ps just saw a movie about Australia, We of the Never Never about a the first woman who lived in northern Australia and befriended the Aborigines. Gunn was her last name and she wrote a book about it which the movie was based on.

  2. carrying on and making the most of each precious day is how I am making it through too. And of course, painting whenever possible !

    Lime and basil in the same sentence made my mouth water and my nose tingle, trying to catch the sweet scents ! Enjoy your greenery !
    Hugs !

  3. I am glad you are doing well at your job also Patti. I agree with Kim about lime and basil, what a combo! I am always inspired by the beauty on your blog in your art and at the Villa, xoO

  4. I know what you mean...I keep counting my blessings...trying not to feel guilty while I enjoy my comfortable life situation. My lazy Friday making art quilts. Knitting. Eating what I want. Exercising. Resting. Watching it rain.
    I take it all forgranted. Or do I? I think I appreciate it beyond words. My heart aches for those at war; for those trying to comprehend their world shaken and tossed, flooded and lost.
    I'm glad you enjoy your art and it's theraputic too it seems. And your little garden is growing and will grow more. Enjoy it all and thank you for adding more bright Color to my life here.

  5. Is that a purple fence? I really enjoy looking out of your study window - such a beautiful and peaceful scene. And as always not only do I admire your art work, but for some reason I feel stillness descend on me when I look at it. Nice!


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