Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Plans for the Patio

Beautiful autumn days have arrived and it's the start of the soccer season - back to Sunday afternoons on the sideline watching Phil's team play. I am enjoying my well earned days off and yesterday afternoon, sat out on our patio reading and listening to the radio, making plans for its makeover.  We have decided we will shop for a new outdoor table and chairs - I think a wooden one with colourful cushions.   And we'll need to plant something in a few big tubs to screen the not so pretty clothesline .  I'm looking forward to a trip to the plant nursery this afternoon to see what will grow on a hot, west facing patio.  It will need to be tough, tall and pretty....


  1. Looks good Patti - have you thought of knitting while you watch Soccer. Very meditative :)

  2. Oh my Patti, this painting is so lovely! The colours are so bright and happy.

  3. Your life sounds very peaceful, and now you will have an even more lovely patio as well! Happy planning and making over, xoO

  4. Love the bright fishes...

    How glorious to be planing your lovely outdoor space. Our time is coming here in the North...but not yet !
    Have fun with the nursery time. Don't for get the before and after shots !
    Hugs !

  5. I love the fish print. It would look so cool in my pink craft room. You are blowing me away with these fruit paintings, the one on your header and this one here on the right, the grapes, apple, naner? They are so gorgeous and fluid and funky, fun, happy, joy joy. I love EM!
    I think you would like my new cutting board. I will try to post a pic of it.
    Your new area sounds lovely and fun to plan and create. Can't wait to see it for real, the cushions and chairs sound just right. And the plants will be fun!!!
    Thanks for being so sweet and encouraging on my blog. I like you a lot. :-)


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