Saturday, 26 March 2011


Back in the studio again after a break while getting into the working girl thing.  Had fun this afternoon allowing words to be my inspiration for these little paintings.  Dream ...  I am actually dreaming of papier mache....  plans are evolving in my head to make some sculptures, painted brightly, of course!

I think this hillside needs some flowers...

This one was inspired by 'swim', however I left no room to include the actual word on this little painting. 

Cool and rainy weather is predicted for tomorrow, so I will settle in for more word painting tomorrow.


  1. always love seeing your artwork which lifts my heart. I adore "home' of course but also love the mermaid especially.!! Thanks for your continued kind comments on my blog.

  2. I too love seeing your artwork, and it lifts my heart as well! I'm so glad that you still are making time to do it with your new job. I also really like the collage in the right sidebar made up of some of your paintings about fish and the labyrinth; they look beautiful that way. xoO

  3. Oh those bright juicy patti colors ! Love them.
    I haven't done paper mache in years ! I used to love it so. Something delicious about forming creatures with your hands all gooey ! ;)
    Enjoy the process, Beautiful One !


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