Wednesday, 4 May 2011

An Old School

I have enrolled at an  Art School - the oldest (c1890) continuously running School of Art in Australia.

Arthur Streeton, William Dobell and Brett Whiteley, all famous Australian painters, attended this school.  Once a  week I ride the train down to The Rocks in Sydney Harbour and learn how to draw and paint.  I was excited & nervous on my first day and humbled by the talent at the school.  I'm an absolute beginner when I look around and have a lot to learn!  Yikes!!

Life Drawing was going on in the same large classroom when we first arrived, so we did some quick sketching exercises of the model to warm up.  We only had a minute before the pose was changed, so had to work quickly.  I was too slow!

Then we had to choose a bust from a selection and draw it.

This is a glimpse of my first effort, without any instruction....

And my second effort, with some instruction.... this was some ancient Roman I think!

I took a while on the nose and the mouth is not quite right, but I ran out of time so it is unfinished.  Next term I'll take the afternoon class as well, so It'll be less rushed.

The students are very friendly (if serious) and the teacher is helpful and keen for us to perfect our drawing, giving us loads of technical tips.  I loved spending the day in Sydney too, always a pleasure!  I'll post more next week...


  1. Congratulations at enrolling in an art schoo and following your bliss. ah, sydney. yes, fun to go into the big city. i am listening to a book by bill bryson about australia. getting a nice sense of the country.

  2. How exciting!!!! I know you will soar in these classes. How brave to join up. Do enjoy everything about it and the environs as well.

  3. What a great gift to give yourself, Patti ! Love that.
    Enjoy !

  4. Fantastic idea, I did some classes at the Brett Whitely Studio and learned so much. Enjoy!

  5. I am SO excited for you, Patti. "Absolute beginner"--I don't know about that--but oh my, what a great chance to learn and grow. I think in your own style of drawing you excel greatly and now you will learn new types and styles and have formal training as well. What a brilliant thing to do and how exciting and adventurous of you, Patti. It will be fun to see what you learn and how you enjoy it. Much love, xoO

  6. I like your new blog design--I might be behind to recognize it here--but it's great! xoO

  7. You Go! What a big step and you are doing excellent. I know you'll love this class and being with other creative soles. Keep on having fun!

    Like your new look on the blog too.

  8. Perfect for you. This August look at Fine Arts at COFA or National Art School, apply, thrive!


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