Thursday, 12 May 2011

Time Out

These photos were taken today at Terrigal, one of our favourite local beaches.  The day was cold & clear with just a wisp of cloud.  There were lots of people out enjoying the day, a group of learner surfers the only brave ones in the water.  I was taking some time out for myself, no rushing today!

To answer your questions, yes, I am still selling shoes.  It keeps me very busy a few days a week, leaving me a little time free to squeeze in art school once a week. 

I'm  loving the people-contact in the shop.  Bad customers are few and far between and I've learned not to let them spoil my day.  There are also many eccentric people who make things interesting and plenty of lovely customers who make it all worthwhile.

I'm busier than ever, but life is good!


  1. beautiful spot you live in for sure. well, it is good to be busy and do lots of things while one is young and able. and wonderful to have a beautiful beach to relax on.

  2. Love that your life is full of joyful pleasures right now, Patti, and I appreciate your attitude of gratitude too !
    Enjoy your weekend !

  3. Good for you being so good to yourself and such a lovely place to do it in!!!
    Glad your work life is mostly pleasant as well. Feels good to see someone enjoying life to the fullest as you seem to do. ;-)))

  4. I agree with sukipoet, ditto. Thanks for sharing more about your life, Patti. And good for you to be taking time out for yourself! You do such fine self-care! xoO

  5. Life is good. So glad you are enjoying every day of it.
    Have a great week, Patti !


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