Tuesday, 17 May 2011

This and That

Autumn Berries
The garden at the villa is small and planted mostly with native Australian plants, like bottlebrush and tea tree.  There is not too much that you would pick to put in a vase inside, so I was happy to see these berries appear on a nandina plant in a corner of the garden.  I love the Autumn colour!

I bought a new pair of trainers today so I can get back into a more regular walking routine.  Being busy means I have to squeeze in exercise where I can, and Jess the Border Collie has been missing out on her walks too.  As soon as I reach for my shoes, she heads for the door, all excited.  I'm grateful for her enthusiasm or I might not be quite so motivated!

I also picked up a couple of canvases, so when I get back from my walk I'll have an afternoon of  painting to look forward to.....

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  1. The berries are gorgeous, Patti. I'm guessing that "trainers" are shoes? ! ? You have an amazingly beautiful place in which to walk. You are starting autumn, one season ahead of us here as we enter summer. Although, for many of us in the US it is actually spring, a late spring. Wishing you love, xoO


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