Saturday, 6 August 2011

Brunfelsia Undulata

Today, a sunny and warm Saturday, I went to the plant nursery to buy some pots and plants for the front verandah of the villa. It was lovely being amongst all the plants, smelling all the flowers.  And there were so many pots, large and small to choose from, in so many beautiful colours with shiny glazes.

However, to tone in with the brickwork I chose four soft, smoky terracotta pots and then after wandering around the nursery for a while longer, picked out brunfelsia undulata with its exotic looking, creamy coloured, fragrant flowers and glossy leaves.  The pots actually match my garden buddha that you can see reflected in the window glass.  They look great and I'm very happy with my choice!


  1. I love the peacefulness of this photo, Patti, especially how the Buddha is reflected in the window. This is the perfect plant for that I'd never heard of before. The name is great, though--"Brunfelsia Undulata"! It is such a peaceful scene that I am certain matches the energy and mood of your villa. Blessings and love, xoO

  2. Lovely stuff. Enjoy your planting.
    Happy Weekend !

  3. I love the Buddha in the window too. the pot seems to go with him. and the plant is not one i am familiar with, though i imagine in your climate there are lots of plants i've never heard of.

    just a note: not to criticize but just to say, i find that typescript a bit hard to decipher.

  4. Perfect choice for your veranda! The look is very calming and I really like how the Buddha is reflected in the window!


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