Thursday, 18 August 2011

Paper Dreams

I love decorating paper and find it very meditative.  I have lots of ideas for more and I am thinking now about the quality of the paper I choose to decorate.  I know many people make their own, but don't know if I'm ready for that yet.  Though I dream of fragile rice-papers and rough & rustic papers, lots of deep colour. 

However right now,  I just like making the designs.  Stamps.  How do you make them?  I need to get to work in my studio but won't be back in it until Sunday.  Hold those thoughts!


  1. I have made stamps before from gluing foam letters on wood...I have an eraser block but need to figure out how to use it to make a stamp. Your stamp designs are gorgeous, Patti! xoO

  2. I don't do much with paper - except write or print on it! But I do love rice paper. It is so elegant. But although it isn't something I do, I enjoy seeing your creations! Your hearts and stars are very nice - and speak to me of freedom and travel. Strange...


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