Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Pieces of Me

My dining room table - I light candles every single night, I just love them!  The winter berries in the vase are picked from a nandina plant growing in my garden.  This vignette changes with the seasons.....

This plant is so elegant, with sparse leaves that always float beautifully in the air with little support.

This is a New Guinea artefact my family inherited from my mother depicting a woman (meri).  Set against one of my paintings it looks at home I think.  The triptych painting was supposed to be a buddha, but ended up being some sad and soulful looking character!

This cat is a woooden sculpture bought at a local craft fair.  Whimsey at it's best!  A beautiful teacup given to me by my daughter sits in the dresser cupboard.

Plants, I love them so much and would have more if I was a little more crazy!  This is a tiny philodendron.  It will grow huge and climb up any support I give it.... one of life's metaphors I think!


  1. Thank you for the sweet peeks at your lovely space, Patti. Beautiful.
    I tend to light candles only in the darker months (they are heading here...)but I share your joy for the mood they create !
    Shine on and happy Wednesday !

  2. I love seeing your villa, Patti. It always has a light, clean, peaceful, Zen-like look to it which is really comforting and welcoming. Each item seems thoughtfully chosen. Thank you for sharing the beauty with us, xoO

  3. I really enjoyed the "pieces" of you! And so glad you aren't broke! It's really special seeing into a little of you and your life. Be well!

  4. Such a peaceful ambiance at your place. I love it all.That soulful buddah is terrific.

  5. I love your table with winter berries in the lovely clear bottle. I wish I could come visit you on Sunday afternoon, if you would have me.


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