Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A Herd of Elephants

A herd of elephants!  I began collecting these quite by accident and now have quite a few of them.  It's funny how collections grow and grow.... what you focus on becomes larger!

I'm enjoying going to the gym these days and meeting up with other ladies also getting sweaty wishing to develop some fitness, as well as walking Jess the border collie.  I'm feeling like a million dollars as a result!  Busy with work, household things and school things, all of them jostling with each son received an award for excellence in music... the ceremony was today and he played a guitar piece called 'Ocean' by John Butler.  It was an awesome performance and always makes me cry!

As a consequence of being busy my art journaling has been sparse and a little rough and ready.  The urge to create ebbs and flows.....


  1. glad your life is flowing and full of rewarding things. congrats to your son. i can understand how such things make you cry, i cry even when it's not my kid getting honored and putting him/themselves out there into the world with their talents.

  2. It feels as though your life is broadening and deepening; I think that the urge to create in this way (via art) will move to an even better place as you incorporate the many changes into your life. As always, I'll love watching. Congratulations to your son; he is privileged to have you to share this with him! xoO

  3. Congratulations to your son. It's wonderful to have a musician in the family.

  4. Sounds like you are having a great time - and I love those elephants!!

    Keep the workouts going - something I seem to only play lip service to these days.

    I am sure your son's concert was wonderful!!


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