Monday, 1 January 2007


Every December I buy a calendar for the new year. Last year I picked artist Ken Done's calendar and it has been the most enjoyable I've had yet. Ken Done is a superb colourist and was popular in Australia in the Eighties with everything from tea towels and t-shirts to shopping bags and beach towels bearing his designs. It sounds like he was really commercial and I guess he was at the time.

In June last year we went to a wedding in Sydney and the reception was at the
harbourside Rocks. We had some time to spare between the wedding and the reception and wandered down around the markets there. In the main street was the Ken Done Gallery - it was fabulous! His paintings are really vibrant and prints don't do them justice.

For this years calendar I have chosen "On The Porch" which is a collection of photographs of various porches (funnily enough) You have to just imagine that you are sitting there with your favourite beverage, gazing out at the view.

This one for February is my personal favourite.

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  1. What a great photograph of the swing on the porch by the water...I can just imagine the idylic moments to be spent there with a cool drink and a good book, or a perhaps a quiet chat with a good friend. It's just so sweet and invititing.
    I've also added your blog to my blogroll Patti.


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