Monday, 1 January 2007

"Mum, You're Such A Hippie!

As you have probably realised by now, I am "such a hippie", as my daughter keeps telling me. And a proud one!

Happy New Year, by the way. This time last year we were sweltering under 45 degree heat, bushfires everywhere. We thought we were going to spontaneously combust! But today is sunny and mild.

I found an article in the Sunday papers about a man called Paul Wilson who has 30 years of experience in meditation techniques. He has written "The Calm Technique" and you may have heard of "The Little Book Of Calm" He has now written a book called "The Quiet" (Macmillan) which is divided into two parts: the first looks at taming the restless mind and deepening spiritual practice and living in the present. The second part is for more experienced meditators and focuses on meditation as a way to enlightenment. I haven't looked at this book yet, but it sounds quite good.

In another article he writes for the Sunday Telegraph, he suggests that if you want to learn to meditate you could start by simply "doing nothing" for ten minutes a day. Begin by giving yourself space to just "be" and then make it a habit. When I first started meditating, we used to sit for an hour. I had so much trouble, all I could do was squirm and wriggle and find endless aches and pains. But now, years later, I slip into meditation really easily, most of the time. So don't give up, it just takes practice.
I collect buddhas. This one, (see above) I bought a couple of years ago from Eumundi Markets on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. He sits under my Golden Robinia tree in the backyard and I can see him from my kitchen window. Very peaceful.


  1. Oh I remember that day well. I have never tried to meditate but I do like the idea of Tai Chi - Meditation in motion!

  2. Hi Patti, welcome to the blogoshere! I got your blog address from Helen and I'm so pleased to connect with's great to have another blog friend from Australia. I meditate too (but not everyday!)...I'm not nearly as disciplined as you! I also have many Buddha's around my home and enjoy the peace they bring me.
    May the new year bring you exciting adventures and connections with your blog and many peaceful moments of reflection! Cheers, Kate

  3. I like your buddha!

    I have never pushed through that barrier to meditate for long periods of time. But I would like to.


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