Friday, 5 January 2007

Technical Difficulties

We had a fantastic afternoon down at the beach, however I don't have any photo's to share, as the batteries in my camera ran out. This has been frustrating me as I have only been getting two days of camera use out of the batteries. Today I managed to find some that promise twice the power, so I'll give them a go. Instead I have included a small tryptych design I made.

The Power of Blogging
Blogger Kate Iredale has been giving insights into the power of blogging and how blogs allow you the space to reveal your true self. I guess I have always been a little outspoken, so perhaps I reveal a little too much of myself here? It's liberating being your own editor, I must admit.

I found a blogspot which invites bloggers to prepare a postcard for posting which reveals a secret. Some secrets are small and silly and make you laugh, others are just so sad, some shocking. Some I think they may have made up, but of course we will never know. Apparently at least one life has been spared a suicide, directly because of the release posting on this site gave them. They update every Sunday and it's worth taking a look.

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