Wednesday, 31 January 2007

What is Guerilla Art?

"Guerilla Art" or "Found Art" is a piece of art that gets left behind by the artist and found by someone else. Sometimes the artist will leave a website or an email address on it so that the finder can get in touch, thereby closing the circle.

Guerilla Art is a way to "make a statement, to share your ideas, to send out good karma or just for fun". The emphasis being on "the importance of making art with no attachment to the outcome, having nothing to do with money or listening to the ego"

The pieces of art are generally small so they could be left in a cafe on a table, for example, but could just as easily be in the form of a chalk drawing on the pavement or a mural on a wall. It would be an excellent way of letting go and just being able to enjoy making art for art's sake. I like the idea.

For some examples of Found Art visit;

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I have some great ideas for my own Guerilla Art and will post the results when completed.

The still life above, I created using wax crayons, just like the one's you used in kindergarten. My approach was one of fun and spontaneity, choosing colours that appealed to me, and working very quickly.

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