Wednesday, 10 January 2007


I have resolved my batteries issue by getting some rechargeable batteries. So I'm back to taking photos (driving everyone nuts!). I never used to be much of a keen photographer, only taking photos to record an occasion, so camera "stuff" is all new to me.

This photo is of my hydroponic pot plant. I have about a dozen mature "Nandina" plants forming a low hedge at the front of my property. One day I needed some flowers for the table and since there was nothing in flower in the garden at the time, I picked some branches of Nandina. I kept the water up to them as you would a vase of flowers, but I found that nine months later the greenery was still as healthy as when I first picked it. It had developed a fairly good root system, even though I was only giving water, no fertilizer and it didn't go all slimy like flowers do. There must be other plants that grow in this way too. I love it because it is instant greenery, costs you nothing and lasts forever. You just put the branches in a jar of water then put the jar into a nice pot and voila!

Yesterday, my son and I went to the movies to see "Eragorn" which is a story about a boy who becomes a Dragon Rider. It has been described as being a cross between Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings and we thought so too. The story was written by a sixteen year old boy, whose parents published it for him. My son is into all the fantasy and is a natural story teller himself, something I am encouraging in him. Who knows, he may be the next one to write a bestseller.

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