Monday, 22 January 2007

Improv Wisdom

My sister has told me about a book called "Improv Wisdom" by Patricia Ryan Madson.

"A book that teaches the principles of improvisation as a guidance for a life of adventure and meaning"

In order to help people live more creatively the book suggests maxims such as: "don't prepare, just show up" and "be average", offering simple exercises to do, to help you to achieve this. I listened to a 20min Podcast with Patricia Ryan Madson which was quite interesting, so see what you think. Patricia, a retired Drama Professor, originally used her maxims while teaching drama courses, but soon realised that her wisdom could help other people too, especially in the business and IT sector. I look forward to reading the book. If you are interested have a look at the improv wisdom site or visit Patricia's Blog The Wisdom of Improv

The sketch is of my son and our cat Phoebe. He had just climbed out of bed and was still half asleep, which was good, because it meant he was prepared to keep still for me while I sketched.


  1. How very kind of you to mention my book, Improv Wisdom. I hope you will find it of interest. I am touched by the list of things that you are grateful for. On MY list is that nice people, like you, half way around the world are helping to tell about my book.

    It is interesting that I may be taking a trip to NSW to do some workshops. Your country seems so beautiful. and vast. And, I love your drawing. I am studying art. Yours is very expressive.
    Have a wonderful day, and I hope the book turns out to help you.
    Warm thanks,
    Patricia Ryan Madson

  2. OMG Patti, you have received a comment by Patricia Madson. I am truly grateful for the internet, it has certainly expanded my universe. I also love your drawing of Philip, very well done

  3. OMG I second that. I teach improv at school and go to theatresports every year, which is why the radio interview appealed to me (576 Radio National). I'm awaiting the book via Amazon.....Hope she does come to NSW!


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