Thursday, 4 December 2008

one word

in 2007 , christine kane wrote about choosing one guiding word for 2008, instead of making a famously ineffective set of new years resolutions. this year we are invited to do the same for 2009.

my word for 2008 has been 'balance'.

this one word has been surprisingly powerful and has encouraged me to constantly check for my centre, no matter what it is i'm doing or thinking about. it is such an ingrained habit now, it will continue to be my word in the years to come.

i'm not certain what my word for 2009 will be yet. i'm still thinking on it. if you would like some inspiration too, check out these posts.


  1. Can you believe that 2009 is just around the corner?

    I think balance is a great guiding word. For 2008 my word was mindful. I found that reflecting on my guiding word helped ground and focus me many times throughout this year.

    Like you, I haven't chosen a word for 2009 but I'm looking forward to that decision. Thanks for the reminder and the link to Christine's blog. I didn't realize that this is were the guiding word originated!

  2. Ohhhhhhhh....I like this idea!
    I'm think I'm gonna pick a word for myself for 2009!


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