Tuesday, 30 December 2008


'perfection' - watercolour/ink.

i called this little piece of art 'perfection', mostly because i made a mistake somewhere in the design. can you spot it? i bet if you zoomed in closely enough you would find it. if we seek imperfection in something, it is guaranteed that we will always find it. actually, now that i've looked more closely, there are two mistakes! on the day i made this i was tired and my concentration kept dropping out like a dodgy phone line. never ask me to fly a jet plane, perform an operation or anything else that requires precision when i'm tired!


  1. Patti I like this...with or without a "mistake"! One of the things I've been having fun with this year is letting mistakes take me in new directions. Sometimes I'm OK with it and other times I really have to work with not feeling frustrated.

    I found Leah at Art Every Day to be an inspiration around this subject. Before she begins any new art work she does a short meditation and gives herself permission to make mistakes and go where they take her. I've started doing this too and it's funny how the "mistakes" sometimes make it an even better piece in the end.

    BTW, I couldn't see any mistakes!

  2. I can find no mistakes, Patti. It is bee-you-tee-full! Maybe it is wabi-sabi :) xxoo, O

  3. I dont see any mistakes. Only to the eye of the creator. I think it's lovely. Have a wonderful new year. I am not sure I'd want you to fly a jet plane when awake either unless you know how. :)


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